Hedge Fund Package

1. Hedge Fund

Wealth Creation + Regular Cash Income

Hedge Fund Portfolio will be an Offline Hedge Fund advisory service in which users need to replicate the Fund moves as imitated by our Research team. Users just need to copy the transactions as done in the Fund on their scale of Investment. Clients would receive immediate updates on the changes in the Portfolio through Mail/ SMS & Web-Login, so that they can replicate the same on their Portfolios. This advisory model provides clients with an efficient way of Investing in Hedge funds compared with complicated asset management platforms.

Hedge Fund Portfolio Package is suitable for ?

  • Investors who can be dynamic with regular changes to their Portfolios
  • Investors with a Higher risk appetitive. (Not necessarily High probability of Capital Erosion)
  • Investors who are looking at absolute returns.
  • Investors who would have discipline in following our actions in both Profit & Loss booking
  • Investors who understand that Strike Rate on profitable positions in a non-issue and its absolute returns on capital that is of prime importance

Hedge Fund Portfolio will be an aggressively managed Portfolio taking positions on speculative opportunities. It would use a multitude of Skill based Investment Strategies with a broad range of risk and return objectives. A common element is the usage of Investment and risk management skills to seek positive returns regardless of market directions.

In most time-frames, around 50% or more of the Holdings would be in Core Investment picks with solid fundamentals. These are Investment positions with a 3 year investment Horizon. While we would have some Large-Caps in this list, bulk of our Long Term investments would be in Mid-Cap & Small-Cap ideas that can deliver healthy returns.

The remaining 50% of the Holdings would be split into:

  • Dynamic Allocation to other segments such as Cash and Liquid Funds
  • Opportunistic Mix of Relative Value bets, Momentum Plays and bunch of Net-Nets
  • Medium Term bets on Special Situations, Spin-Offs, Tactical Bets, Risk Arbitrages, Swing Trades etc
  • Leveraged positions in Cash Market to capitalize on interesting Opportunities
  • Multi-Geography Equity Investing in case of attractive Opportunities in other markets

We would also be Hedging whenever necessary in the following forms:

  • Shorting Nifty futures to defend Portfolio positions during Volatile times
  • Shorting in an Un-Leveraged manner on High conviction Shorts. Markets during boom times provides a lot of shorting opportunities in companies with poor Fundamentals. We will go into such a Short position with enough Dry powder to withstand short term volatilities

Standout Characteristics :

It is not a Trading Product in which we look at Technician’s for perfect timing.

  • Our Hedge Fund Portfolio rarely plays on Leverage positions
  • We would bet on well Researched Ideas and continue to HOLD them patiently
  • It is not a Portfolio which will not work on Targets & Stop Losses in its Portfolio positions
  • Hedge Fund Portfolio service doesn’t customize the positions according to specific needs
  • We would not measure our returns compared to SENSEX (or) any other Index
  • Since, it’s a replicable Portfolio- we would not be providing any detailed Research inputs on our calls
  • We would not bet on Ideas where there is no Alpha (Risk-adjusted returns)
  • 3 calls will be given per month, 1 short term, 1 midterm and 1 Long Term

Price – 12k for 1 month, 25k for 3 month, 40k for 6 month and 60k for 1 year

How is it different from other offerings ?

Hedge Fund Portfolio would follow new Innovative strategies apart from the consistent compounding Mid-Cap and Small cap Ideas:

Momentum Investing:

  • Beating earnings estimates
  • Accelerating growth rates
  • Favourable press releases and news reports
  • Settlement of litigation
  • New product introductions and (or) discoveries
  • Expanding backlog
  • Utilizing a catalyst or them that can move prices
  • Tactical Call Generation
  • Sector Rotation
  • Anticipation of a Trigger in a particular stock
  • Riding the strong Tailwinds of Earnings Performance


  • Valuation correction in a Rights Issue
  • Arbitrage in Open Offers for Delisting
  • Opportunities for stable return in Reverse Book Building of un-known names
  • Intelligent Speculation
  • Broad Macro Themes of the future
  • Expanding backlog
  • Event based Investing
  • Tactical Call Generation
  • Exploiting Mispriced opportunities with triggers
  • Anticipation of a Trigger in a particular stock
  • Turn Around Stock Ideas
  • It’s an extremely Opportunistic Portfolio and Positions would be managed dynamically. The Position centric Investment of Hedge Fund Portfolio is ideally suited for the current Market conditions. Adding, Squaring-Off and Liquidating Positions would be communicated instantly
  • We would use Pyramiding strategy (Averaging Up – doubling or trebling positions) on Momentum picks
  • We would also be working with Trailing Stop Losses (Dynamic adjustments based on stock movements) and Rolling Targets. This allows us to Ride the rallies without pre-mature exits
  • It would be a mix of Top Down& Bottom -Up Portfolio with higher diversification
  • Fund mandate allows us to execute a variety of Medium Term and Long Term techniques to generate returns across Market cycles
  • Riding Coat tails on our research team allows Clients to develop conviction on positions and get regular Monthly updates on their Portfolios. This Hedge Fund Portfolio structure allows investors to have a Proper Capital allocation framework to generate absolute returns

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