Frequently Asked Questions

We look for people having a strong base of values with high level of commitment, dedication and integrity who would not compromise with the core values and principles of the organization for anything in the world.

At Simply Earn research, we’ve designed a culture that helps you get where you want to go in life. From our innovative perks and benefits, we do everything we can, to make sure that our employees not only have great jobs, but great lives.

Communication is the key to connect from one to thousands. Be it any role in anydepartment, this would be the key skill you must possess to become a part of the success ride.

At Simply Earn Research, everyone at all the cadres of hierarchy believes that even after years ofexperiences and scholarships, there will always be something to learn. Same is the quality we expect in the newmembers of our family.

For us, enthusiasm, passion and zeal are amongst the most important traits that can actually takeoff one-s career to a great height.

Sattva Capital is an investment advisory firm, which recommends you to get healthy return from financial market from your investment. For example if you are ill and suffering from a particular disease so you will need an expert doctor to overcome from that disease, similarly Sattva Capital has a separate expert team for each segment which analyze the market on the basis of different factors affecting the movement of financial market and convert your loss into profit by their experienced tricks.

As per market nature, if we want to make profit from market for our clients then only providing customer calls is not enough in market but we have to provide a complete package of guideline to clients for building the profit for them. As per below points we provide 100 % complete guideline package to clients and it truly makes us different from others. A) Discipline- Profit Making from market – is actually 25 % depends upon how you act in market with discipline, and @SER we’ve our unique disciplinary rules for traders & we always ensure that we make our clients to follow that rules and keep watching during their service period that either the given rules are profitable or not. B)Activeness in services – Active services having a weightage of 25 % – for making profit from market. We involve our maximum capacity of work force to manage our clients. We not only provide them calls but keep watching their all the positions which are open, providing them instant update regarding their open position. As we all know that movement of market is unstoppable and unpredictable, there is a need of a Instant Query Solution Research Department for traders to be aware of fluctuation’s loss from market. We @SER have a separate research department for instant query solution for our paid clients. C) Filtration in Research- There is a general thought about research is that it can be either done fundamentally or technically. There is no filter in research as per general concept; as its risk factor is so High. If we talk about SE Research – we don’t generate levels as per general concept but we do apply three filters in our research, first we observe fundamentally. If level is profitable – then only we check it technically. & If the level is correct here then we discuss with Research Experts. If the level is passed by all the three filters then we provide it to our clients. This unique concept of research has weightage of 50 % to make the profit from market.

All calls are given by SMS and Calls. Refer to the following Abbreviations used in our calls: SL-STOPLOSS TG-TARGET CMP-CURRENT MARKET PRICE As it is said that Earning the profit from Stock And Commodity Market is risky, how Sattva Capital manage this investment. As Sattva Capital  is an independent equity advisory firm, we follow all the rules made for minimizing the risk in market. We have given Unique Risk Analysis form in our website to identify the risk involve in your investment, we also suggest you to choose your trading segment as per your risk bearing capacity. We do have disciplinary rules in our website and by following that rules while trading, any investor can avoid involved risk in market. Above description about our research and services also help you to avoid the risk from moving market.

Tips to Work Be in the market Work as soon as message reaches to you If the message reaches after achieving the target then do not work on it Be in the Mobile network Areali Keep the inbox clear

You can receive the Stock Tips through Call or Short Message Service (SMS) on your registered Telephone/Mobile Number (RTN).
Personalized service can be opted for one to one interaction over all your quarries ,position and future strategies

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