About Us

About Sattva Capital

If you’ve made your way to this page, it means you’re interested not just in what we do and what that means for you, but also in who we are, what our venture means to us, and what we stand for. That’s a great start in building strong relationships.

“Don’t just do something because it’s a trendy idea and will make you a lot of money. The reason I say that is because any kind of venture involves going through difficult times. If you’re doing something you are passionate about and really believe in, then that will carry you through,” said Jerry Greenfield.

Who Are We ??

Well, we’re a Financial Advisory company involved in the Analysis Advisory and Attain what we call “Financial Nirvana” , with a wholehearted commitment to Quality, sustainability and Service. Now the first thing that comes to mind with ‘Financial Advisory’ is ‘Net Profitability’, Capital Market Investment does work best for diversified numbers. But that’s where we’re different. We’re a medium sized venture, and understand the needs of the small/medium/large investor/trader. We understand that many investors, especially in India, prefer small batches of investments spread over a multiple years to manage their long term requirements , so we have designed a system where even small investors can take advantage of condensed knowledge and expertise over decades .

Why SATTVA Capital ?? The Story So Far….

We started off in Bangalore as Personal Advisory firm, with a focus on eradicating all fears regarding capital market and Debt Market and make it common man’s weapon of choice to tackle inflation, Deflation ,debts , loans and other financial goals. Trading [F&O, Equity or commodity ], as anyone doing them would know, are not just pattern less and difficult to propagate by conventional methods, they are also one of the most difficult way to have consistent profit churning , But through continuous research and bringing together people with immense expertise , we perfected the technique for actually making trading as effective tool for everyone. As news of our achievement leaked, more and more Indian and NRI clients came to us with their exclusive Financial Goals that they wanted to pursue. The logical sequence was to scale up and expand our reach where the more significant number of people could participate , and spurred by encouragement from the many of our Clients and Partners SATTVA CAPITAL came into existence an one the leading corporation among-st its peer in India .

What We Do ?? THE AIM

We incubate wealth , but it’s all about the seeking tranquility and bliss of financial Independence.

How We do ??

We not only have separate team of Fundamental and Technical Analyst but also event and information analyst , with all latest State of Art research facilities.

The internal structure of our firm pay ample emphasis on keeping the workforce i.e. Research, IT, Operation and Sales Interested and motivated to perform better than their peers to deliver above par excellence and performance to our Clients.

What We Can Achieve Together ?? The Goal

To comprehend and realize capital market is an effective a tool to manage the financial needs as any other available when done using the way that works instead of searching for perfect way … HARDWORK EXPERTISE EFFORT PATIENCE & PERSEVERENCE put together will help us reap rewards together.

What You Can Be Part Of ?? MISSION

Our mission is to make symbiotic environment to encourage people to understand the risk reward which capital market actually offers and make it accessible to whoever wants them, anywhere in the word, at highly competitive prices.

Meet Us


The Sattva Capital was brought to life by Mr. G.B.L CARDOZO . He ventured into stock trading with an intention to raise capital for his own independent enterprise. However, he recognized the opportunity offered by the stock market to serve individual investors.

When it comes to analyzing the market, Mr. G.B.L CARDOZO is truly a genius. His hands-on experience and fundamental knowledge of the market can predict the market trend early. He is valued for his understanding of the economy and the Global Market. The print and electronic media often seek his views on the market trend as well as investment strategies.”””

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